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Philippines Addicts Donation Card Purchase Thank You

Philippines Addicts would like to thank you for purchasing the discount card. You are now a Philippines Addicts discount card holder! Only discount card holders get discounts at many establishments throughout the Philippines. Your membership also gives you the ability to win prizes as 150 pesos of each card purchased goes into a prize pool giving only Philippines Addicts discount card holders a chance at winning a prize. Prizes are awarded through contests held on Philippines Addicts about every couple of months giving the 1st prize winner at least 20,000 pesos in cash prizes. Please check the site for contest details here

Philippines Addicts discount card holder

Philippines Addicts Discount Card holder

The Philippines Addicts discount card is can easily save hundreds of dollars on many establishments in Angeles City, Cebu, Manila and Subic Bay.  you try, CloudProxy and Website Firewall services, exterior marketing campaigns and various other fees we incur throughout the year. We shall always keep Philippines Addicts 100% free and friendly, to that end your donations are most helpful in making this happen. Large forums or message boards take a lot of effort, skill and time to be successful. The team on Philippines Addicts believe this has been achieved through your help, both financially and more importantly, by using Philippines Addicts for what is meant for. That is for helping like minded individuals such as yourself with solid information based on thousands of experiences. Philippines Addicts would be nothing and we shall never make no illusions of that fact.The reality of real money costs is indeed a fact and your donations are used for our operating costs.  Philippines Addicts will always remain free to the general public but  your generous donations are needed to keep things running.

Being a Philippines Addicts discount card holder has it’s advantages and will continue to be adding and subtracting new establishments as time goes by. Please be sure to ask your hotel or favorite bar to honor the Philippines Addicts discount card and get free advertising on the World’s largest Philippines nightlife message board today. This adds even more value to the Philippines Addicts discount card offering more savings for everybody.

Philippines Addicts Donation Thank You

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Please be sure to contact BM statusquo IMMEDIATELY if you wish to be known as a Philippines Addicts discount card holder. Your screen name along with a Donation Badge shall be added to your member profile.  All donations are refundable up to 30 days after a donation is made. After that, a refund is no longer available and your donation is considered a closed issue. Please contact us if you wish to have your donation refunded within the 30 day period. We would be happy to refund your money, no questions asked and no hard feelings whatsoever.

Please login into Philippines Addicts now and contact BM statusquo with your transaction information. This information needs to be added manually to the Philippines Addicts database on the website and you shall be here after known to have purchased a discount card. Thank you for your tremendous generosity and we hope are looking to make Philippines Addicts the best resource on the Philippines. Plus we’d like to be making things fun by having cash prizes for contests throughout the year. We respect your privacy the most and your name, contact information or email is never given to a 3rd party no matter what the circumstance.

Once again thank you for your Philippines Addicts discount card purchase and you shall be contacted shortly to confirm your shipping address


Philippines Discounts Cards Order Form

Philippines Addicts Discount Card Order Form

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Philippines Discounts Have Never been Easier!

Order your Philippines Addicts discount card now and have it shipped to your home address. All discount cards are shipped using the Thai postal service which generally takes around 7-10 business days depending on your location throughout the World.  Many Philippines discounts can be had with the Philippines Addicts discount card. This can literally save you hundreds of dollars depending on which location you are at. We are adding to our list of participating establishments as much as possible. Please mention this to any Philippines establishment you might be visiting as it’s completely free exposure for them, all we need is their contact information to confirm the acceptance of being in the Philippines Addicts discount card system. All establishments make their own rules and Philippines discounts are only given on regular priced items. Be sure when using the card to show it before ordering and upon paying off your bill just in case to avoid any confusion.

For PhilipPines Discounts get the Philippines Addicts discount card today!

Philippines Discounts made easier and fast!

Philippines Discounts made easier and fast!

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Don’t forget to ask where ever you go if they would like to get on the Philippines Addicts Philippines discounts list for free. Tell them to send an email to for information about discount details and terms.  Your help in doing this is much appreciated and only improves the overall value of the card itself to everyone. Thanks for your support!Please allow up to 4 weeks for your card to arrive but if you select express shipping in shouldn’t take longer than a week. We appreciate your support of Philippines Addicts and be sure to use your discount card as much as possible and look at the list constantly to see if any other places have been added. We also ask that you please inform the establishment you have the Philippines Addicts discount card before asking for your discount to ensure there are no misunderstandings.  All Philippines establishments reserve the right to refuse a discount if they are having a happy hour special or other special that is already discounted.

There have been reports in the past about guys using these discounts cards and saving 16000 pesos or more on a trip. That’s a lot of extra money you could be spending on the things you want. That’s 8 free nights at a hotel. Have the amount you paid for your airline ticket to the Philippines and any other number of ways you can look at it. Getting a Philippines Addicts discount card is the best thing you can do for your entire trip to the Philippines. We also ask you please ask whatever hotel or restaurant you might be using if they’d like to get on the list. Give them the website information having them write it down and more often than not they will contact us. It’s free advertising for them and great extra bonuses for everyone.