Traveling Philippines First Time Questions Mongering

Traveling Philippines First Time Questions Mongering

Here are some traveling Philippines first time questions while mongering often are asked. Hopefully these will give you a baseline on how to approach a potential trip to the Philippines experiencing it’s beauty, both the sights and the women.

The weather can be brutal but the Philippines is a rather “accessible” country by jumping on a plane and avoiding any bad weather. Bad weather does not necessarily but a damper on your exploration, it’s how you deal with it that counts. Seeing is how money is not much of an object that makes your possibilities rather enormous. A true monger would not care about the time of year, what day it is or even if it’s night or day, let alone bad weather.

2) Besides the obvious endless debauchery there is always plenty of things to do if you wish to experience and see places or things you never have. It all depends on what you are “into to doing” while in a vacation carefree situation. Personally I like to travel about and see the surrounding areas, consider a vehicle if you are comfortable driving in a foreign environment. Or you can check out various historical sites or go to bars and drink yourself senseless. Many tend to do the latter :) Not worrying so much about the cash the possibilities are endless.

Philippines Travel First Time Question Safety Factors

3) Is a pretty easy answer but some people find it “challenging”. And that is the question of the “bareback”. Answers across this board are echoed in the wisdom of all wearing a glove. Personally, I would tell you to cover it up and why risk it but the excitement of forgoing it is indeed the test of time. The question is, can you be safe or forget about it and indulge? The test of time shall be your final answer.

4) You can say many of these girls can be “forgetful” and not insist on safe intercourse. This is sort of a gray area as some girls will insist while others will not. This situation varies on each person and how they deal with it. Being direct and communicating your needs prior is the way to go if you wish satisfaction guaranteed.

5) IMHO, making a plan and sticking to it is an exercise in futility. You should keep your options open and at the very least do both cities. You may wish to venture off to other delightful places not only restricting yourself to either Angeles City or Manila

Traveling Philippines First Time Questions Mongering – Things to Consider

I hope the above is a baseline approach as keeping things wide open is the way to go. The Philippines, in my opinion is not a place you visit on a structured plan especially if you are mongering. You shall certainly get some good looking victims :) (girls) if you have the body and looks plus the cash to maximize your filth.

My overall advice is do some research and see what is appealing to you in extra curricular knowledge/learning or tourist type activities. There is a great deal more to the Philippines than the two places you mentioned. You should keep this thought on the forefront of your mind. At the same time, get on line and check out Pinalove or some other Filipina dating sites making “arrangements” to meet up during your travels. Be sure to join Philippines Travel Forum Philippines Addicts, the World’s largest community of over 65,000 members. Check out the rest of Philippines Forums for some other basic information.

Cheers and have a great trip regardless!


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