VIP Membership

Vip Membership - Philippines Addicts

Vip Membership – Philippines Addicts

Philippines Addicts VIP Membership

Vip Membership - Philippines Addicts

Vip Membership – Philippines Addicts

Vip Membership is now a reality on Philippines Addicts for those of you who want more out of the website than a normal user.

VIP Memberships give you the following benefits NOT received as a regular free advanced member on Philippines Addicts.

Here are 21 excellent reasons to become a VIP member of Philippines Addicts today. All Abilities below last either 6 months, 12 months or lifetime.

  1. Ability to Edit Your OWN Posts Up To 90 Days
  2. Can Change Your Display Name Once Every 30 Days
  3. Unlimited Photos and Video Upload File Sizes
  4. Unlimited Photos and Video Upload File Space
  5. Unlimited Stored Notifications
  6. Can Bypass Bad Word Filters
  7. Can Remove Status Update
  8. Unlimited Invitations
  9. Unlimited Stored Messages
  10. Can View Who Gave You Reputation
  11. Unlimited Global Upload Limited
  12. Can Customize Profile
  13. Can Edit Own Topic Titles
  14. Can Hide Own Topics and Posts
  15. Can Open and Close Own Topics
  16. Unlimited Disk Space In the Philippines Addicts Gallery
  17. Unlimited Galleries in the Philippines Addicts Gallery
  18. Can Add and Edit Own Links in Philippines Addicts Links Section
  19. Can Edit Own Shouts in Philippines Addicts Shoutbox
  20. Can Delete Own Shouts in Philippines Addicts Shoutbox
  21. Help The Forum Grow By Making A Financial Contribution

The Philippines Addicts VIP membership option really gives you the ability to be a power user and use all the features of the software used to power the community.

All Philippines Addicts VIP Memberships are valid for 1 years and are considered an annual subscription renewable every year.

If you wish to turn off these feature, please go to the payment provider to cancel this subscription.

All VIP memberships are subject to the rules as stated on Philippines Addicts and by becoming a VIP member, you agree to follow the rules of Philippines Addicts and not abuse your VIP privileges in anyway.

Please PM board member statusquo on Philippines Addicts once your have paid for your VIP membership and your account shall be upgraded as soon as possible. Thanks so much for your support of the board and helping other people find their way in the Philippines.

Vip Membership pricing option can be seen below

6 Month VIP Membership Subscription Only $49.99 USD*

12 Month VIP Membership Subscription Only $79.99 USD*

Lifetime VIP Membership Subscription Only $149.99 USD
  • * = re occuring fee

If you wish to have more control over your experience on Philippines Addicts or your wish to help the board with a small membership fee, then this is a perfect opportunity to show your supports.

All lifetime memberships will get a special star by their board name indicating their support of Philippines Addicts and from time to time, Philippines Addicts VIP memberships shall be given away in future contests and other Philippines Addicts sponsored events or bar hops.

We hope you find this new option favorable and helpful in making your overall experience more enjoyable. We’d like to thank those of you who choose to avail themselves of the VIP membership as it will help the board with future expenses, prizes and promotions.