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Philippines Addicts Donations

Philippines Addicts Donations

Philippines Forums is owned and operated by Philippines Addicts and shall be used for all donations from here on out.  Please contact board member tequilareef on the Philippines Addicts forum with your Philippines Addicts donations receipt and he shall make the necessary database entries manually so you may show up as an official donator of Philippines Addicts.  Below is a list of donation links to Paypal, our preferred processing agent. You may also leave a note there stating your Philippines Addicts board member name so that may be used as a record of your donation.

All donations are used for the monthly server fees, Cloud Proxy and Website firewall services, upgrades, software licences and many software modifications on the technical side of things. On the marketing side of things, many official Philippines social networking accounts are maintained driving a consistent amount of fresh traffic and users to the community making for an active and knowledgeable community environment with immediate answers to your questions.

Philippines Forums Donation Links

Philippines Addicts Donation


$10 Paypal Donation

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$150 Paypal Donation

$200 Paypal Donation
For larger or smaller donations, please click Donate and enter the amount desired

Any larger donations, please contact board member statusquo on Philippines Addicts or email at

All Philippines Addicts donations are used for board improvements as you might have noticed over the years and will continue to do so. Help keep the Philippines Addicts forum free and contribute a few beers worth of money to making it a better place for everyone. We have several plans for the future as more money comes in including some fabulous contests with great prices including cash and look for more additions to the Philippines Addicts discount card list.

We at Philippines Addicts would like to thank you for your wonderful support over the years and any financial contribution you make to us is appreciated more than you know and shall be used accordingly. Don’t forget to either mention your board member name in the transaction or PM statusquo so everything gets recorded properly. All the very best and thanks again!