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Philippines Addicts – How It All Started

Philippines Addicts (PIA) was founded in September 2009 by board member Loso4ever and soon taken over in August 2010 by board member tequilareef and has thrived since then.  BM tequilareef has over 26 years experience in Asia, mainly Thailand but more recently the Philippines. Philippines Addicts now has over 47,400 members at the time of this writing and is poised to crack 50,000 by February 2016. That’s quite a lot of people ranging from 25 to 85 year olds.

PIA is part of the Addicts brand of message boards in Southeast Asia with the other two being, Pattaya Addicts and Bangkok Addicts. This brand was started in June 2006 by Laamok in Pattaya Thailand. The entire Addicts brand of website has currently over 160,000 members of which 100,000 are active.

Over the years, PIA has evolved into quite a huge following and has an average of 600 posts a day making for a very active community on a wide range of Philippines subjects. Whether you are a seasoned Philippines veteran or complete newbie to the Philippine Islands then Philippines Addicts is the best place for you. It has a very diverse mixture of members ranging multiple layers of knowledge making for a truly great mixture of Philippines information.

Philippines Addicts has been and always will be 100% free. With that said, we appreciate any donations and financial support for board improvements and monthly expenses. PIA will also be coming up with a range of new board features along with a premium discount cards and VIP membership programs. All of this has been added to an already excellent message board.

The Philippines Addicts VIP Membership program has been launched. This gives PIA members the ultimate in forum web browsing and user ability. Essentially this gives the user complete permissions to edit their own posts and change their screen name among many other things. Please read the VIP membership page for information on that.  The VIP membership is not a special “good old boys” club with a separate section as the board is open to 100% of it’s members. Thanks for your wonderful support of Philippines Addicts over the years and we look forward to a prosperous future.

All money earned from Philippines Addicts shall be used for even more exterior marketing to provide all current members with a higher volume of steady daily new members making for a fresh and high responsive environment filled with both newbie and veteran Philippines threads alike. Over the years, PIA has proven to be a very friendly and consistent professional Philippines message board and forum with a solid moderation team making for an excellent balance and great end result for everyone involved.